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(Protect Your Kids) How to Set Up YouTube Parental Control

27 May 2022
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YouTube has become part of our learning where we discover lots of things by watching educational or tutorial videos. That is why most of us are confident enough to let our kids watch videos on YouTube. However, if we dig into the other side of YouTube we may discover its dark side which is not good for kids - unsuitable video content like kissing scenes, violent acts, or family feuds. Even cartoon movies have this inappropriate content. That is why children need our supervision. We should monitor them when they are watching YouTube.

But we can't always monitor our youngsters every time they watch YouTube. So, what's the best solution? Have you ever heard of Parental control? It is a feature or software that allows parents to monitor their children and restrict their children from accessing inappropriate content on any online site, including YouTube. There are software and programs that offer extra features like blocking apps, filtering searches, monitoring screens to see their activities, and many more. If you want to know how to set up parental control on YouTube, then stay on this article as we will discuss the solutions to protect your kids.

Method 1: Install YouTube Kids
After the YouTube Channel receives complaints about these unsuitable videos that are not good for kids, they created the safest way to enjoy YouTube by making a new Channel which is YouTube Kids. This channel is designed to filter adult content and display child-friendly videos. However, there is still content on the other videos on YouTube Kids that contain unsuitable scenes. That is why it is recommended to supervise your kids while watching YouTube Kids.

Method 2: Set Up Restricted Mode
Another effective way to protect your kids from watching YouTube is to set up the restricted mode on YouTube settings. This will block videos with explicit content the process of setting up this feature is the same on both computers and phones… Read more