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Enigma 2 Enigma2 Plugin Assistance [OE2.5 / OE2.6] - Update


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12 Eki 2020
Plugin Assistance [OE2.5 / OE2.6] - 16.11.2020

- The PluginAssistance (enigma2-plugin-extensions-pluginassistance) is a plugin that provides help for the user. It does not require an installed Gemini and is entered in the GIT by DMM. If programmers want to use this plugin, they only have to add a folder and the corresponding files to their plugins. Nothing needs to be programmed. The PluginAssistance finds plugins that want to use this help independently. You can find an example of what it looks like in the plugin itself / usr / lib / enigma2 / python / Plugins / Extensions / PluginAssistance / and there the folder jsonhelp with the file text.json. The users who want to help create documentation do not need Linux or programming experience. A text editor and a graphics program, regardless of the operating system, are sufficient. With the editor you should only make sure that "UTF-8" is used as the coding. Who e.g. If you want to translate help for a plugin, you can simply add another language to the existing text.json. I hope this plug-in will be used by many regardless of whether it was programmed by someone from the GeminiTeam. Again, sources are entered into the GIT and are also open in the plugin itself. If you use a Gemini, you can simply install it using the AddonManager.
Thanks mechatron

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