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(Android File Transfer) How to Transfer Photos from Android to Flash Drive

27 May 2022
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Photos are very significant because it keeps our good memories and we keep them in our photo albums. And now that we are in the modern period, we keep them on our devices. We commonly use our phones like Android for taking photos - since it is the most portable device that we carry whenever we are.
We reproduce lots of copies of our photos for compiling or for backup by transferring them from one device to another. But the safest device to store photos is the flash drive because it is portable and can withstand mechanical shock. A computer is also safe but it's prone to malware and viruses - there is a high risk that your files might get corrupted.
Solutions to Transfer Photos from Android to Flash Drive

Now that you know where to transfer your photo, you might be thinking of what is the best way to transfer photos from your Android phone to a flash drive. Well, there are lots of ways and luckily, we're here to help you out and see what solution will work for you.

Method 1: Android Transfer app - Transferring volumes of files like photo albums can be time-consuming. If you want the fastest way of file transfer, then you need a third-party app like the Android transfer. This reliable transferring app can transfer any type of file from different devices.

Method 2: File Explorer - It is a Windows PC's file manager built-in app that provides an interface for file browsing. Just plug in your Android phone with a USB cable and open the photo folder of your phone on the file explorer interface and “copy” or “send to” the photos you want to transfer on the computer. Then plug the flash drive to transfer the copied photos on the computer.

Method 3: OTG Adapter - OTG or On The Go Adapter is a cable adapter that can plug a USB drive or flash drive directly into the phone or tablet without using a computer. The ports of the OTG adapter are a full-size USB port and a USB-C or Micro USB charging port on the other side ……